Saturday, November 29, 2008

maybe because i'm sick...or maybe because it's my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!!!

but i feel like blogging right now. i'm not sure what i want to say...but i know many have stopped reading. I really have no good excuse...all i got is that i'm so freakin busy, and i spend so much of my time writing/thinking of new stuff i just feel so boring in my own life. But now that thanksgiving is over...its hitting me that winter is here, which means ALL my favorite things in the world are starting. Christmas season is really just magical to me...i promise you that i'm 75% more likely to be happy around this time of year as opposed to cranky and tired. Maybe its because there are christmas lights everywhere, or that i can close every conversation with a store clerk with "Merry Christmas" but i'm just a happier person for the next 31 days! And i'm actually looking forward to my birthday (the 26th if all 3 of you forgot...doubtful though since i sent out texts) for a while lately i've been dreading my birthday this year because i really didnt think i'd ever be 23...weird yes i know but i'm not really a "think ahead kind of person"

Well...this is all i can do for nighttime sudafed is now kicking 3:32 am...but know that i'm going to make a better effort to blog...please bear with me!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i know i'm in class but...

I feel like i'm in high school. And this is not a good feeling. really...i'm like in a time warp. everyone i look at seems exactly like someone who was in my 11th grade english class with Dr. Mooney.

this is freaking me out. I guess i've really snapped.

Monday, September 15, 2008


ok...i've decided i need to start blogging...but i want to start fresh. which means...i'm going to keep this blog for my random posts...but make another blog that doesnt have some seriously pathetic backlog wonder people dont read my crap...i am a sucky blogger...and far is that going to take me in my "writing" career?

basically...i'm trying to get instant gratification.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

just cant seem to get things right today

ever since i've moved into my new place...there are have been problems to fix. i'm tired. why cant i have a husband who can fix things. i really need a "fixer". anyone know one? please set me up.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

remember your first...

day of school?

i dont.

want to know why?

it was 17 years ago.

i miss this school...

not this school...

Monday, July 14, 2008

major blow to the ego

some of you may know my ability to be ambidextrous.

well...i've been fairly successful with training myself to be multi-tasky...well tonight during my nightly ritual of washing my face then brushing my teeth i tried to brush my teeth with my left hand because i have a freakin wicked blister on my right thumb...and i'm telling you...i cant do it. brushing my teeth with the LEFT hand that is...not just brushing my teeth in general. this "change up" just threw me off so much that i was willing to sacrifice the pain just to get these pearly whites minty fresh.

i'm so disappointed in myself.

i think i'll go eat an otter pop just to make myself feel better.
(my current favorite flave is strong it burns)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

summer how i love thee

ya be honest i haven't really loved a summer too much in the past couple years. but right now...with the sun out and no clouds in the sky. I COULDN'T LOVE IT MORE!!!!

Thinking about summer made me realize i never mentioned what the fam and i did for the 4th!!!

the 4th is one of my favorite holidays, i love bbq's i love wearing red white and blue without having to defend myself and i love that all over the US people are havin a dang good time. on a couple of occasions in my life i've been oversea's for the 4th...and its really just so depressing. People look at us like we're crazy when they overhear our cheers for independence. not like we're embarrassed but its still alittle sad.

about 3 years ago we went and visited my favorite uncle and aunt and cousins up in seattle. we really had no idea what to expect but my cousin tyler kept telling me that it'd be the best 4th celebration ever. WELL PEOPLE IT was so great...that we decided that going to Bainbridge would become another tradition for us on the 4th.

Here are the reasons why going to Bainbridge on the 4th is so awesome:
1. bainbridge is the coolest island ever, you get to take a big huge ferry from downtown seattle harbor straight across to Bainbridge island where EVERYONE is happy
2. the shopping on B.I. is so fun...its total island touristy stuff but so fun, in the past 3 years its really gotten better too with many more art gallery's, amazing paper stores, and some of the best jewelry boutiques ever. seriously.
3. the house we stay at is AMAZING...really movies should be shot there. Out of every window you can see city seattle. Its really one of the prettiest skylines i've ever witnessed.
4. They have two houses its double the fun.
5. ILLEGAL FIREWORKS!!!!!! (i grew up in the foothills of Boise idaho and when i was 12 we had to stay up all night afraid that our house was going to be burned down because of fires...therefore boise has a strict "no cool fireworks" code and so for 18 years i never knew the possibilities of bottle rockets, mortar balls, and ladybugs) Buying fireworks at the indian reservation is soooooo fun because my dad and uncle and cousins take it so seriously and make deals that i would never dream of. And this year my dad actually got illegal illegal fireworks from "under the table".
6. Not only can we set off the worlds best fireworks from the backyard into the Sound...we can watch atleast 8 different cities fireworks from the seattle area and it really is the most amazing thing ever. i have total sensory overload like a 5 yr old at toy's r us and basically tune out the world. its so fun.
7. we set off fireworks for 4 solid hours...and still have atleast 2 boxes full for next year. (one of my favorite times during this year was how we started off the night with a salute to 2007 using up all the leftover fireworks we could...and we still didnt get through it all.)

Another quick dad decided to up the anty from 3 years ago by buying a 2000 roll of firecrackers to be the show opener for the night...and so we rolled the firecrackers out on the edge of the backyard and it was 9 FEET LONG...which roughly translates to 8 minutes of was nuts...we couldnt even tape the whole thing on our cameras because it was so long.

So...this is all...and i'm sorry i dont have any pictures...we're not much of a photo family us carrasco's...but i like to think it's because we have too much fun to want to stop! ok!?

Hope you all enjoyed the independence of our country in the best possible way!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! HOME OF THE FREE!!!!